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Microsoft Digital Image 11.1 is for working with digital photo collections
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Knute G. Fenstad, Sr. Used this package for 8 years. Perfect for cleaning up imperfections on photos, darkening, lighting, sharpening of images, changing tints and more.

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MRS DALE C WHITE By far the easiest Image Suite around for old people like me! smile

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Hamid Good one on the market and the best designing software

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Kathy I have Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 and was looking for updates. This is the closest thing I found but I'm not sure if it's an update or a totally new program I would have to buy. I tried to download a font into MDI-Pro 9 and it didn't work. WORD took the font but not the photo program. I've never updated anything so I'm a big-time rookie when it comes to this stuff but I use my MDI-Pro 9 all the time.

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joseph mwakai Good one on the market and the best designing software.

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Lemuel P. Nolasco

Lemuel P. Nolasco fine

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